Belo Monte Is Not Just Numbers

Last week I published a video in which the author analyzed the issues of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant through numbers , contrasting them with the presentation of the video by the group of actors who then represented the Gota d’Água Movement.

This research must have been work! It is noticed that the author is quite fond of the coldness of numbers, I imagine that he is an expert. Immediately, I notice that some data is wrong, others I don’t know. I wish I had time to research.

All I can say is that the impacted area is wrong. Comparing it with the total area of ​​the Legal Amazon is a fallacy, as it considers cities, pastures, everything. It should be compared to the area of ​​primary forest occupied by indigenous peoples. The number would be different – ​​but it would not serve the author’s purposes.

Summing up the impact to the flooded area is also a calculation that only works on paper (or on the internet). As if the workers and material would appear in the middle of the Xingu teleported and, after everything was over, disappear in the same way.

Seeking to demonstrate seriousness, the video reveals that official documents were used as a source. It is perceived. He says that the plant “will not change the regime of the Xingu River” and, regarding Volta Grande, that “it will be operated to maintain the ecosystem that exists there”. The old lady from Taubaté confirmed that it was.

Then the guy does a control x – control v of government propaganda and talks about investing in basic sanitation, building schools, new houses, removing residents. Does anyone believe this will really be done if activists don’t stay on top? (which includes appealing campaigns using artists). And the R$ 180 million for the Federal, State and Municipal bureaucracy should be a great advance for society. Only I have my doubts.

For some reason, he did not address the increase in energy efficiency that could be achieved only by maintaining and updating the plants and the distribution network that already exists. From the research you’ve done, I doubt you haven’t found anything about it.

In addition to the holes, wanting to deal with a subject like the construction of Belo Monte only with Exact Sciences is not very honest, in my opinion. The old technicality that ignores the validity of Social, Human and Natural Sciences. It forgets the whole history of the creation of slums, environmental degradation, exploitation of workers, massacre of the Indians and their culture, theft of natural resources and those things that do not enter into the official equations. These aren’t numbers, so they don’t exist.

See, I’m not against the construction of Belo Monte, a priori. I am in favor of an honest discussion. Perhaps naively, I think one could question the development model, the people who should benefit from it and how to achieve it. Even so that the wealth generated by the plant could be shared in a better way for the country. However, once again, a Fla x Flu was created – which, in this case, has been shown to be good for the “in favor” team.

Well, it’s the game played. Order and Progress is our flag and the super plant is Progresso reaching the Amazon, finally! Far be it from me to divulge ideas that harm the Order. What I’m going to do is take care of my life and let Indians, riverside dwellers, artists, bloggers, politicians, contractors, Brazilians and foreigners take care of theirs. So, each one in his specialty, I have faith that we are going far!

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