When You Don’t Need to Forgive the Enemy

Any nice guy can leave a party full of contacts, promises and smiles, but 24-karat friendship is more complicated to cultivate; in the same way, any experienced curmudgeon has in its curriculum a portentous list of antipathies and dislikes, but it is unreasonable, almost sinful, to speak of enmity. Enemies have great people, who left works, went through a lot, fulfilled important tasks.

At least it is a positive way for us, compulsory members of the unimportant mass, to analyze things: the happy of the mediocre, without the disgrace of enmity. People with enemies are in bad business, statistically, being verifiable in the group, compared to the average, higher mortality rates, less sexual activity and worse skin health.

But we humans have these things, always chasing trouble, and even with the blessing of not living up to enmity, we insist on harboring hatred and grudges for a little shit. There are rape victims who forgive their tormentors, mothers who forgive the murder of their children, the tortured who forgive the torturer, the persecuted who forgive the totalitarian regime responsible for the destruction of their family – moving examples, unreachable to us, under the grace of indistinction, of obedience to the teachings of Christ.

For those who don’t have enemies (and how good it is to have no enemies!) it’s easier to forgive. They didn’t tie us naked to a pole, they didn’t blow our father’s head off with a firecracker, they didn’t accuse us of abusing their seven-year-old daughter; even so, we have the courage to lightly call “enemy” someone who, most of the time, was a close person, with whom we shared tastes and projects, with whom we even spoke ill of other people, perhaps. But that’s where temperature differences come in, divergences of the most varied orders, impulses, thoughtless words, disproportionate acts… It sucks, but nothing worthy of enmity, nothing that isn’t worth muchworth forgiving. Because it’s an easy way to score points with God. Have you ever thought if you had to forgive a real enemy? Think about it, until the Creator took it easy on you – just don’t forgive thinking about a bargain on Judgment Day, because it is capable of nullifying the entire effect.

And within a very mundane plan, come on, it sucks to be forcing enmity, it requires patience and energy that could be used much more effectively in other areas. This business of having to suddenly cross the street, collect evidence, avoid references, share friends, stop frequenting certain environments, demand taking sides of others… Ah, have the holy patience, let’s all forgive, let’s forgive and eat ice cream.

Well, it’s just my stuttering way of asking for forgiveness.

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