The Traveling Moleco

I have just received Moleco Viajante , an idea from the Dois Espressos blog. For those who haven’t seen it in previous posts, Moleco is a notebook inspired by Moleskine, but made entirely from recycled and recyclable material.

Five people were initially chosen to receive each of the 5 Traveling Molecos. Each of these people received a Moleco Viajante by post office, added some information on the front pages, chose a friend and passed on the notebook. This new group of 5 people (chosen by the top 5) did the same thing: added some information to the Molecos, chose new friends and passed on the notebooks. And so they go, hand in hand, traveling around.

And each person who participates gets a free Moleco. Each of the kids brings in their first pages tips on how the whole story works.

When they return to their point of origin, the Molecos will have their pages full and possibly have traveled throughout Brazil.

I’ve already left my contribution on Moleco and now I’m going to send it to another blogger. Who? Wait for the next episodes of this adventure

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