The Sossego Mini-Library of Parque Gomm is inaugurated!

This is the Minilibrary of Sossego . It was installed at Parque Gomm in Curitiba, PR, on 02/08/2014 by the creators of the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog , Daniele Carneiro and Juliano Rocha with the help and partnership of the Save the Forest from Casa Gomm initiative, which granted the space and Igreja do Livro Transformador which donated many books from the initial collection.
The Mini – library of Sossego in Gomm Park is communal and collaborative as it depends on donations and circulation of books to continue in full operation. It is open to the public and books are free to borrow (no return date, no documents, no bureaucracy) inspired by thePote de Mel Free Library and the First Mini-Library of Curitiba. It will be widely used by visitors to Parque Gomm and by employees of the mall that is right next door, as well as tourists and people who frequent the space. The site has a bench donated by the Save the Woods of Casa Gomm initiative, so that readers and visitors can enjoy the shade of the araucarias and the moments of reading and tranquility with more comfort. Anyone who wants to can choose a book, spread a yoke or blanket on the grass and snuggle. In the first week of operation, it was possible to notice a large circulation of books in the hands of readers, and also collaborative donations arrived for the mini-library. A second shipment of books has already been taken by the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog to readers.

Juliano Rocha and Daniele Carneiro, authors of the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog

Anyone who wants to collaborate with the Minilibrary of Sossego and donate literature books in good condition for immediate circulation among readers can take them personally to Parque Gomm. The books in the initial collection of the Minilibrary of Sossego bear the stamp of the Leia, Lend or Return initiative from the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog, which offers free downloads of the arts on its website for a poster with loan guidelines, a stamp and a small tutorial on assembly of free libraries, which can be downloaded and used by anyone. The use of these arts is free and completely free. The Minilibrary of Sossego is located inside Parque Gomm, at the end of Rua Bruno Filgueira nº 850, in the Batel district of Curitiba. You can enter freely on the back side of the Pátio Batel shopping mall, on the sidewalk of Rua Hermes Fontes (coming from Rua Costa Carvalho).

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