Tales from Real Life

Who can’t resist a well-told story? At least this is what the project bet True Stories Told Live ( Stories actual counted live) in England.

The project started in New York and is called The Moth and consists of a meeting between people who are interested in telling stories and also listening to them. Much more than an event, the meeting ended up gaining momentum and becoming one of the biggest trends for the world in 2012.

When the meeting starts, some rituals are discovered, such as the fact that all storytellers must register before going on stage, that is, there is an order of presentation. Aside from order, participants cannot use any feature to remember what they are counting on, ie no paper, ipad, ipod or datashow.

The interesting thing about the moment the story is being told is much more focused on the viewers’ imagination and on the storyteller’s ability to make the story visual enough for those who are listening to understand and also “be a part” of the story. Another rule that follows is that of time. Candidates only have up to 10 minutes to tell stories based on real facts. Thus, in each event, 5 stories are told and usually after the 3rd there is a musical number.

The events take place in pubs (in London ) and bars (in NYC), are free (in England) and guarantee a full house. In New York, the event gained such great notoriety that on the organization’s website you (exactly, you from anywhere in the world) can record your story and send it to them (of course the story has to be in English), monthly they select the best stories and play at the event, just as the best stories are also played on the online radio every day.

But why do events like these end up calling so many people? According to one of the UK organizers David Hepworth ( source ):

Stories are the most powerful form of entertainment there is and are very satisfying for human beings. People like that orderly sense that exists in a story, in the midst of the chaos in which we live.

And in this world of speed and mess, it seems unusual to stop to hear someone tell something about their life, especially as an unknown person, but perhaps the great beauty of the event is that it turns a moment of wide exposure into a kind of therapy in group, where it is possible to stop, listen and enjoy. No need to tweet about it, or tell Foursquare where you are.

The next events will be on January 19th (London) and January 3rd (NYC)

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