My First Book: Written and Illustrated by Me

It is with some modesty that I present to you my first book .

First because the illustrations are mine and, already in the sixth grade, at 12 years old, I wasn’t much of a draftsman.

I reread the booklet – made of bond paper, folded once and stapled to the “spine” – and it is full of mistakes in primary Portuguese that I don’t know if they are acceptable for that time.

On the other hand, the theme proposed by the teacher was “If things were…”. In front of him, I chose “If things were a joke”

Having chosen the theme, I decided to do everything in verse. They all got their feet broken. Sometimes, to force a rhyme, I would force a situation. Anyway… it’s more out of curiosity.

The result is below. In my defense, I can only say that I was never a Rimbaud or a Picasso:

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