Minilibrary Helps to Save a Park That Could Be Destroyed by a Granfino Shopping Center in Curitiba

The Bosque and Casa Gomm are being threatened with extinction to make way for a street that will facilitate access to an establishment specializing in luxury items

An old fair box was turned into a free mini-library by contributors to the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog . It underwent a cleaning, a fumigation, was lined to receive the books , fenced so as not to suffer water infiltration, gained a base to be installed and now a careful painting by Juliano Rocha , the blog’s editor, is on . It was made entirely from reused materials. The mini-library will be inaugurated next Saturday at 11 am at Parque Gomm in the Batel district of Curitiba, at the 5th Horti-Encontro of the Save the Forest from Casa Gomm initiative. If you are in Curitiba, come see the free mini-library, participate in the opening, borrow books or bring literature books to donate.

Fair cashier versus Luiz Vitão bag

The blog Bibliotecas do Brasil , Igreja do Livro Transformador and Salvemos o Bosque da Casa Gomm will inaugurate next Saturday, 02/08/2014 at 11am the Minibiblioteca do Sossego , 2nd outdoor minilibrary in the city of Curitiba, and you is invited to the inauguration. The event is open to the public and completely free. It will be at Parque Gomm , a green area full of araucarias located behind Shopping Pátio Batel, popular for the luxury items in its stores. Bosque and Casa Gomm are being threatened with extinction to make way for a street that will facilitate access to the mall . Come with us to open the Minilibrary of Sossego, and facilitate access to books for mall employees who, due to their long working hours, do not have time to visit public libraries. The mini-library will be free for anyone, for all visitors, tourists, activists, people who work in the region, with no bureaucracy, no return date, as well as the Free Pot of Mel Library and the Mini-library of Curitiba . Come donate books you’ve read or make free loans. Join us at the opening with the Bibliotecas do Brasil blog .

Inauguration of the Mini-library of Sosssego at Parque Gomm On
02/08/2014, Saturday, at 11 am.
Parque Gomm – Located behind Shopping Patio Betel, with entrance on Rua Hermes Fontes or Rua Bruno Filgueira, at 952.

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