How to Travel on a Train in 1951

I found these rules of coexistence on train journeys and I had to laugh! It wasn’t that long ago, just 60 years.

They are from 1951 .

Coexistence rules for travel on tourist trains (1951)

  • To travel by train, you should dress in plain, dark, street clothes that can hide the dirt. Clothing that attracts attention is prohibited
  • The rules of etiquette say that a lady sits looking at the locomotive and by the window. If she is accompanied, the gentleman must give up his seat
  • For distraction, take a book , conversation with strangers is not advisable, especially for ladies
  • A lady should not accept invitations from strangers to drink anything, much less accept them to pay for lunch or any other meal
  • Knowing that when a lady travels alone she is in a delicate position, a knight should not converse with her.
  • It is not allowed to interrupt anyone’s reading
  • Families traveling with children must be especially careful, as their games can disturb the rest of the passengers.
  • It is necessary to bring plenty of toys, games and books to keep the children quiet
  • At night, if you share a cabin with someone you don’t know, be very discreet and change your clothes quickly. While one person changes, the other goes out into the hallway; if you are already in bed, pay attention to your reading or look at the wall.

It’s controversial to express each one’s opinion, but for my part, I think a lot got worse, since many individual freedoms were guaranteed and, on the other hand, the puritanism of the time undoubtedly made many people unhappy.

And speaking of books, reading was apparently the only pastime at the time. Are we reading less than before? Or the internet helps, given the magnetism it has and we can consider that all types of reading are valid.

What do you think? Opinion!

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