Free Downloadable Book: Ducks!

Some time ago I announced here the publication of my first novel “Ducks”. However, some technical difficulties and variations in the value of the printed version led me to return to my first idea: making it available for free.

All the details and news about this book will continue to be updated on the “ Patos ” page of my blog, where you can also find the downloadable files and the entire book to read online.

Unfortunately, it is only possible for me to make the electronic versions available for free. However, I will keep selling the printed version on the Bookess website .

Here are the electronic versions for download (any problems you encounter with these files or downloads, please contact us):

  • EPub :international standard specific for electronic books, compatible with almost all digital readers
  • Mobi : Amazon e-book format, compatible with Kindle
  • PDF : Adobe electronic file format.

I shamelessly ask for everyone’s support in this disclosure, whether by email, social media or conversations with friends.

Thank you very much!


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