13 Free Book Sites

This is a list of free online book sites in Portuguese that I have come across lately.

I tried to list only those that point to books in public domain , whose copyrights are no longer in force and, therefore, in compliance with the copyright.

One or another book site may have stopped working over time as well. I hope that downloading books you want to read, or need, will have a lot of fun. Ideal list for book addicts.

  1. Public Domain – I already talked about this site around here when I published the ranking of the most downloaded books . From the Federal Government, it disposes of works that have entered the public domain, that is, those that were assigned by their authors or whose authors died more than 70 years ago. It is the favorite of those who want to download books .
  2. Cultura Brasil – Site that distributes books online, not all in the public domain.
  3. Philosophy Portal – Specialized in Philosophy.
  4. Book Exchange – For those who prefer physical books that they can touch and don’t need to print or read on screen, this is the option. I haven’t tested the services, however.
  5. Gutenberg – Hosts public domain books in several languages, including Portuguese . I posted a short article about Gutenberg recently, in case you want to know a little more about the site’s potential.
  6. CultVox – In addition to selling, offers books in a free section . However, to download, you must register.
  7. National Library – In its National Digital Library section, the institution offers almost 5,000 items including books, maps, atlases, sheet music and historical documents. If you want to get a better sense of the treasures you can find there, I wrote an article about the National Library recently.
  8. Google Book Search – You can find many books in version full to be searched online. If the book you are looking for is not available in its entirety, you have the option of purchasing it.
  9. Virtual Library – Another option for those who want books that are in the public domain in Portuguese.
  10. BibVirt – It has been in existence since 1997. In addition to having books in the public domain, it offers sound files – historical or not –, videos and other documents.
  11. eBookCult – Emphasis on education, but you can find things like the works of HP Lovecraft .
  12. Virtual Books – Free books in six different languages. There are also interviews and newspaper summaries.
  13. Pribi – Personal website. It has a good collection of electronic books to be downloaded.

I appreciate the indication of Diego , who showed me this article , inspiring this list.

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